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israel says goodbye to the former prime minister next in world. plus, prescription for luxury. the mercedes chairman from the detroit auto sure -- show. ♪ >> this is "lunch money." today's moving picture, where the video is the story. a fire has destroyed most of an ancient town thought to be the answer -- inspiration for the mythical shangri-la. that is paradise and -- paradise. over 200 homes have been destroyed, sadly. an incredible video. in ukraine, and opposition leader was seriously injured. oh tests have become more violent recently. citizens have been fighting the president posses decision to forge a trade deal with russia rather than europe. how is this for delivery? a rocket carrying supplies at the international space station. a mechanical arm was used to grab the cargo carrier. mass so -- nasa is paying $3.5 billion to deliver cargo. israel laid to rest his former prime minister today. he suffered a stroke in january 2006. he had been in a coma ever since. a controversial figure, the former prime minister drew praise from israelis, respect from world leaders and
to israel for the funeral for ariel sharon he had been in a coma eight years. today a state ceremony held outside of the parliament building. his flag-draped coffin taken to his family home in southern israel. vice president joe biden represents the united states at the funeral. >> officials in west virginia -- investigators now investigate how that spill happened investigators say a chemical used in coal processing leaked last thursday from a freedom industries plant. 300,000 people in nine counties warned only to use water to flush toilets. today, the west virginia governor says tests water is sf now. >> the high court refused to review a case on a controversial law. this moves mean arizona cannot enforce the 2010 ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and follows a ruling last year that found restrictions were un-constitutional. 12 other states have similar laws. >> the supreme court also heard oral arguments in a case that pits white house against senate republicans at stake is the power avoid a filibuster and fill high-level pollings positions the constitution says he can do so
service in israel for former ariel sharon who died. >>> target ceo's apologizes for the massive data breach. >>> and officials in west virginia have started lifting a tap water ban in some areas following a chemical spill. last week about 300,000 people were told not to drink the water affected by that spill. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." desperate times call for desperate measure. as we just discussed, the growing scandal facing new jersey governor chris christie has upended the republican field for president in 2016. chris christie was the only republican who was running even with hillary clinton. the presumptive democratic nominee. and as i mention, according to a new cnn/orc poll from just last month, clinton destroys the entire field otherwise whether it's marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul, or paul ryan, she beats them all. the only outlier, chris christie, who actually leads clinton by two points in that recent pole. when you consider those numbers, it's hardly a surprise why so many republicans are so desperately rushing to the governor's defense, a ta
at a time. and in israel today a final farewell to former prime minister ariel sharon. after state ceremony after the israeli parliament building. sharon was laid to rest at family ranch in southern israel. vice president joe biden and british prime minister tony blair were among the world leaders at the funeral. sharon died on saturday eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. dennis rodman apologizing again after latest trip to north korea. rodman today arriving in china and once again rodman said he is sorry that he could not help free american captive kenneth bae. >> i'm not the president. i'm not an ambassador. i'm den his rodman. just individual. we can actually get along and be happy for one day. >> rodman was in north korea to play a basketball game in honor of dictator kim jong un's birthday. we told that you justin bieber is in hot water after egging his neighbor's house. now we know the damage. tmz reporting bieber's egg caused 20,000ness damage for the neighbor's home. more bad news for the beibs, he could face vandalism charges and that's tonight's speed read. hhs report
of fighting. there was deep regret. whether he was to blame for the many deaths. israel said its final farewell to former prime minister. dignitaries, he died on saturday at the age of 85. it left him in a coma for which he never recovered. we report from jerusalem. >> with prayers and tributes, israel and its friends said a final farewell, eight years to the month. he said he would go down in history as one of israel's greatest military leaders. to sons and grandchildren, joe biden said in his passing also felt like a death in the family to many americans even though he .ad profound differences better, hestand him also lived in complex times. a very complex neighborhood. >> it was taken away to the family farm in israel. was controversial in death and in life. it made him a desirable prime minister. >> he earned a house in the city of jerusalem. have armedlers security guards. believesnt palestinian in nonviolent resistance. he said israel he should move on from the legacy. >> what israel needs is a different kind of political generation. april that understand that they themselves wil
is outside his ranch in israel. >> outside the israel parliament they said good-bye. >> translator: an exceptional soldiers a commander who knew how to win. a leader who breathed a dream a man who charmed us all even during most difficult hours. >> they remembered his long military career his dramatic political fall and return to power and the nickname he used his whole life: arik. >> arik understood that in matters of our existence and our security we must stand firm. >> had he a north star that guided him is a north star in which he never, at least in my observation never deviated. his north star was the survival of the state of israel. >> once dubbed king arik for his battle field victories was then given a full military procession. not buried in jerusalem, but on his ranch. sharon loved this land, israel's largest private farm his burial site is next to his wife's, soldiers who fought for him, brothers w.h.o. voted for him. and his decision to withdraw settlements from the gaza strip. >> suddenlily he decided to disengage, it made no sense. >> police and the army deployed a
, but it could garner 67 votes, a veto-proof majority. >> doug, thank you. >>> israel said good-bye today to one of its heroes. leaders and dignitaries from all over the world paid tribute to former israeli prime minister ariel sharon. he died saturday, 8 years after suffering a devastating stroke that left him in a coma. sharon was 85. >>> still ahead, a supreme court case that could lead to a case of the blues for president obama. we'll explain. >>> first, now the feds are coming after chris christie. ♪ [ male announcer ] to truck guys, the truck is everything. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeable truck, good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend truck of the year. ♪ and first ever back-to-back champion. guts. glory. ram. >>> if you believe polls, new jersey governor chris christie has so far escaped significant public relations damageige the bridge scandal. a couple new polls indicate his ratings are largely positive, and that does not mean jersey politicians or federal investigators are letting it go. and tonight, senior correspondent eric shawn tells
below 16,258. asdaq index down 61.36 at 4,113.31 the nasdaq fell 61 points to close at 4113. israel held a state funeral today for former prime minister ariel sharon. he died saturday at 85 after languishing in a coma for 8 years. we have a report from geraint vincent independent television news. the coffin of a national hero wrapped in the flag. ariel sharon was in so many ways the em bodeiment of israel. its rights and its wrongs. its hopes and its fears. outside the parliament building statesmen paid tribute to a man who devoted his life to israel's defense. >> the state had to be protected for future generations. when that meant fighting, he fought. when that meant making peace, he sought peace. >> the security of his people was always his unwaivering mission. a nonbreakable commitment to the future of jews, whether 30 years or 300 years from now. >> israel remembers a brilliant battlefield commander. so as sharon's body arrive for burial at his family's ranch, weapons of war stood ready nearby. >> the funeral is taking place just the other side of those trees on the hill there. and
lives. >> ariel sharon, one of the most dominant political figures in israel's history, has died at the age of 85. among those who spoke at his memorial, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> the people of israel bow their heads for the departure of ariel sharon, the former prime minister. a warrior. i believe he was one of the greatest military leaders we had in modern days. >> we will get reaction from noam chomsky. israeli historian avi shlaim, and rashid khalidi. >> ariel sharon began his career as a military commander with atrocities in 1953 and continued through masterminding the lebanon war in which 50,000 became casualties. he ended his career as the architect of the israeli expansion in the occupied territories of the west bank, largely his handiwork from 1977 onward. >> all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. hundreds of thousands of west virginia residents are on their fifth day without safe cap water after a chemical spill in the elk river. the company freedom industries leaked up to
>> the man who put the survival of israel above everything else. u.s. vice resident joe biden was among those paying tribute to ariel sharon -- u.s. vice president joe biden was among those paying tribute to ariel sharon this monday. >> israel bid farewell to their former leader monday. friends, family, and dignitaries from i am the world gathered in jerusalem for a state funeral service -- from around the world gathered in jerusalem for a state funeral service. highlightedanyahu the service of a veteran of most of israel's wars. >> ariel sharon was one of the greatest military commanders that the jewish people and the israeli designs -- defense forces have ever heard. he is part of the generation of founding fathers. ariel sharon had a central role in building this heritage of might and bravery. president joe biden represented the united states. he described sharon's and israel's journeys as inseparable. >> we will never know what the ultimate arc of his life would have been. he left us too soon. but the work of trying to reach piece continues. >> middle east peace envoy -- a
as political courage. and love of this land. they have all played out on the canvas, the state of israel's historic trajectory. >> i think that was quite a good job on biden's part. he didn't make any mistakes in that, and ariel sharon was a military leader and a political leader and very tough and very good. >> all right, thank you for that. eric, you're next. >> one more thing, supposed to be things we didn't get to in the show that we individually have an opinion about. the christie, what's going on with christie -- >> that's not the only thing. >> i know, but one of the things. i'm going to writethening and put it up on chris christie is going to deliver the state of the state address tomorrow, so i'm going to preview that a little bit. for my one more thing, i was watching shep earlier, and he said this. >> liquor before wine, you're doing fine. >> is that right? >> oh, yeah. >> put the wine in the liquor and add beer as a chaser. >> that's just ghetto. >> kind of what they do on "the five." >> oh, boy, is that their secret. >> they have many secrets. >> yes, we laugh k
banks, thousands converge on the city demanding that the prime minister resigned. >> israel lays to rest its prime minister. >> two films, american hustle and 12 years a slave, steal the show at the golden globes. >> shutting down banks, the goal of thousands of people who have converged on th thai capital -- shutting down bangkok, the goal of thousands who have converged on the thai capital. they said they would not back down until february elections are called off. >> the prime minister has offered to meet protest leaders, but they say that she must resign. two months after the political crisis began, it only seems to be getting deeper. >> thousands of antigovernment protesters have streamed in, occupying key intersections, setting up camps. restart thailand is their slogan. many government offices remain closed for fear of violent riots. >> we are here because we want justice and the rule of law. >> the fact that the government cannot fix the problems of the country, that is why we have come out, to find a solution. >> the demonstrators are showing no interest in compromise. protest l
history mirrors that of israel. >> an exceptional soldier, a man who charmed us all even during the most difficult hours. >> they remembered his long military career, his dramatic political fall and return to power and the nickname he used his whole life: arik. >> arik understood that in matters of our existence and security we must stand firm. >> had he a north star. that guided him. a north star from which he never, in my observation, never deviated. his north star was the survival of the state of israel. >> once dubbed king arik for his battle field victories, was given a full military burial. he was buried on his ranch. sharon loved this land. it is israel's largest private farm. soldiers who fought for him? brothers who voted for him and former supporters who strongly opposed his decision to pull settlers from the gaza strip. >> he developed the strip and then disengaged. it made no sense. >> police and the army deployed a security blimp and early warning sirens. >> there is a full security umbrella that has taken place. that includes both 800 police officers, border police and und
country. close with aork country like israel, a country that is tested as much as israel, loses a man like prime minister sharon, it does not leader.e the loss of a it feels like a death in the family. many of my fellow americans, some of whom are here, feel that same sense of loss. i say to prime minister sharon's , anded and devoted son's the entire family, particularly the sons who spent so much time caring after their father the last few years. it is a great honor to bring the sympathies of the president and the american people to you on this occasion. netanyahu, toter president peres, the grieving men and women of the nation of israel, but most particular to an fellow warriors -- i fear attempt to capture him and what he stood for is beyond my capabilities. i knew him for over 30 years. man.s not only a powerful he was a powerfully built man -- as a young senators, young senator, when you first met him, you could not help but understand as they say in the military -- this man had a command of presents. he filled the room. time i was invited to his office, he said to me, i remember thi
is raunchy and some in israel the general will be needed to attend the former prime ministers funeral. how about in the family and friends will be allowed to get a great excuse he's being stepped up to two hundred police officers to be on duty during the funeral procession last military plates will be deployed around settlements in the gaza strip israel's eleven fine minister sharon passed away on saturday at the age of eighteen fights off to be unique in that the tt is a charismatic and at times controversial figure sharon has been praised by current israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as courageous fight said most us president obama describes him as a leader who dedicated his life to the state of israel. dignitaries from nineteen countries are scheduled to be in attendance for the funeral and burial in treating us vice president joe biden former uk prime minister ten you that and the foreign ministers from germany and austria. sharon will be laid to rest next to his wife lily . the i knew the routine. she and more i love. it would. stg the door to mention allowed to go should watch
of israel. >>> today marks the second anniversary of the costa concordia ship wreck and the cruise ship still sits stranded off the coast of italy. 32 people died when it capsized. it was set up right in september of last year but officials have not been able to remove the wreckage to this point. >> can you imagine those people have been look at that for such a long time. >>> coming up next, the surprise you do not want to miss. >>> almost a year after serving in the middle east, a louisiana soldier gave his 5-year-old son a belated christmas gift that was well worth the wait. >> the boy went to the mall yesterday thinking he was going to get something to eat. the folks at chick-fil-a helped with the surprise. as you can see, he is home. >> that will make you cry. >> that was a good one. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> take care. [chris]still smoking up a storm? [tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you
was the survival of the state of israel. >> the man once dubbed king arek for his battle field victories, sharon loved this land. it's israel's largest private farm and before the funeral, we met visitors the his burial site which is next ohis wife's. soldiers who fought for him, brothers,. >> translator: he developed the gaza settlement and then sunlt disengaged she said, it made no sense. >> within range of militant rockets, so police employed a security blimp. >> a full security umbrella taking place. 800 border police working on a security level. >> the funeral wasn't interrupted. his sons read the hebrew is prayer for dead. the plan who people here called a war hero, who some palestin palestinians called a criminal. >> landed within a few miles of sharon's burial site. a reminder, the sharon family farm is within rocket rake of gaza. >> today an important meeting ahead of talks. secretary of state john kerry met with the arab league envoy and russia's prime minister. some of the possibilities are pushing for prisoner exchanges in the country and ultimately a cease fire. around the embattl
was once israel's most powerful figure in a missile and anti hundreds of soldiers and an anti missile defense system to secure a state burial for the former prime minister wants. rick was told it should be softer on its most dangerous criminals as the eu says jailing people for life without parole is not fear to prisoners. more on e and k spying for taiwan was just a couple minutes here on our team the eye. to noon. you know. i did. we live. i don't know. the kids. why not i wonder what's really happening to the global economy. with my nesties there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines demand to kaiser in to watch on rte. eye. the user around with those that struggle with on here each day. it was. what if someone offers a lifetime full of supply. no child should we in the case had taken a pretty strong position again. gm often we think that out. the cit before the break products are reached school pool. there is no evidence that is any problem. with genetic engineering. when you make india. war history. she's always in a mousetrap. i don't do that. this fall. fo
. but a monument figure in israel's history. several foreign ministers and former british prime minister tony blare. he said negotiations had often been difficult but ground in one objective. >> he did not pursue peace as a dreamer but he did dream of peace. and an end to war. >> u.s. vice president joe biden said, sharon had always been vigilant in protecting the jewish people but was open to compromise with israel's neighbors. >> we'll never know what the ultimate arc of ariel sharon's life would have been had he physically been able to pursue his stated goal. but we do know this: as prime minister he surprised many. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu an ally who turned adversary over sharon's decision to pull out of the gaza strip took the position to being restate his are country's knowledge position. >> act in every way possible to prevent iran from become capable of acquiring newark weapons. >> the eulogies also are included recognition of his human side, by his comrades in arms, rescued him from near certain death in the battle field. an army care van carried him to his place of burial. e
in the ranch in israel. he died on saturday eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. >>> the ban in west virginia on water lifted in some areas. but for others it may be days to use the tap water for anything other than flushing the toilet. >> an american no more. the japanese company a kwoiring jim bean boush an. it is worth 15 billion. >> can i still call it a manhattan. >> maybe call it a tokyo. >> maybe. >> if obama care doesn't get enough young people to sign up tax mayers may have to bail out the care. >> we have emily campaign center for american progress action fund. good day to both of you. alisyn camerota with the day's first question. >> emily, what do you think? is there any way to see a bail out if the economics of obama care for insurance companies doesn't work? >> look, this is a shock absorber built in and any way to go in affect if there is not the numbers of healthy people. but it is on track. if we look at the numbers compared to massachusetts which is the test, we are ahead of enrollment on young and healthy. >> according to a router analysis of seven states, they fou
thing at a time. >> i want to ask you with the backdrop of ariel sharon being buried in israel, to get a sense of what the u.s. does to reassure israel but also as i ask that to get your sense as someone who dealt closely with him, how will history remember this man? >> there's a relationship between the two. the key for the israelis is going to be, is there going to be a rollback of the iranian nuclear program to the point it will not be in a position where it is a nuclear threshold state. if ariel sharon were to be alive. he would look at this as a threat to israel. i think how he will be remembered a leader as someone prepared to take big decisions and sometimes they turn out disastrous, for example the war in lebanon in 1982. sometimes those big decisioned turned out to be reflective of someone to do what was politically costly but do the right thing. he withdrew from gaza and prepared to leave his own party and create a new one because he was prepared also, a significant withdrawal on the west bank and knew his party wouldn't accept it. it wasn't going to let the flil constraints
governments that did it, specifically the government of israel. and what was once largely unthinkable in a lot of, among a lot of communities in the u.s. government is now fairly routine. and the number of strikes have come down, as heather pointed out, they peaked in 2010. and the reason the number of strikes peaked in 2010 in pakistan specifically is because they matched directly with the surge of u.s. forces, and they also if you map the number of our strieks in afghanistan which you can find as an unclassified number, they all sort of match the same. the second capability is special operators, and here special operations command, you know, at one time i know there was something like ten hollywood movies either in theaters or in development of just about navy seals alone. the command has doubled in size, its budget has more than tripled, now deployed in more than a hundred countries. admiral mcraven has a great line which is everyone was really attracted to the osama bin laden raid, and he said, actually, it was a very standard raid, we did 11 similar raids that night this afghanistan. and
. the life of former israel prime minister ariel sharon. activists show the >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy here are today's headlines. secretary of state john kerry and russia's foreign minister meet in paris. the two diplomats discuss two good will gestures. they're proposing prisoner exchanges sending aid and ultimately a cease-fire to end the fighting in syria. >>> and taps are opening again in some parts of west virginia. the state is allowing residents to flush tainted water in their plumbing. the ban was in place since thursday after spills from a chemical storage tank. >>> dignitaries around the world are in israel paying their respect for former prime minister ariel sharon. the political leader decide said after spending eight years in a coma. nick, i want to get to the memorial service, of course, but first there have been rocket attacks out of gaza today. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, stephanie we're here at sharon's ranch eight miles from the board of gaza, and this afternoon the funeral procession left at 4:00. 20 or 30 minutes after tha
, israel says goodbye to the former prime minister next in world. plus, prescription for luxury. the mercedes chairman from the detroit auto sure -- show. ♪ x it is 26 minutes past the hour. we are on the market. let's take a look at where stocks are trading right now. not a lot of movement today. the major averages have been fluctuating between gains and losses right now. slow with 2/10 of one third percent across-the-board. individual movers, shares are moveg a very decisive downward and they are following the most since june. they are cutting first-quarter outlook. sales have decelerated meaningfully. in major acquisition, the liquor market, holdings with companies -- $16 billion. we will have more on the markets in 30 minutes. more "lunch money" is next. ♪ >> this is "lunch money. " today's moving picture, where the video is the story. a fire has destroyed most of an ancient town thought to be the answer -- inspiration for the mythical shangri-la. and -- paradise paradise. over 200 homes have been destroyed, sadly. video.edible in ukraine, and opposition leader was serio
reject any cooperation and regularly demand death to america and death to israel. congress must not impede the diplomatic alternative to war. ultimately, that diplomacy may not be successful. it may not achieve a final verifiable agreement, but we should make every reasonable effort toward that end. there are no more important issues considered in this capitol building, undertaken by this congress than the questions of war and peace. just as i do not trust iran, i do not trust war as the best way to prevent a nuclear iran, and war is the true alternative authored by those here who would interfere or limit these negotiations. starting a war in iraq cost us so very dearly, and it did not make us safer. let's not repeat that deadly mistake. congress should commend secretary of state john kerry, undersecretary wendy sherman and president barack obama for their leader through tough, persistent diplomacy, through the wise use of american power. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess on early childhood health car
are in israel paying their respects to ariel sharon. the controversial military leader died saturday at the age of 85 after spending eight years in a coma. nick schifrin joins us live outside of sharon's ranch in negev in israel. how is sharon remembered today? >> as you might expect all sports of people from the military, foreign dignitaries including u.s. vice president joe biden, all glassed over the controversiacontroversyies thatd in his military career. a lot of people talked about his role in the 50's in an unit called 101, then they skipped over 1982 in which he led an invasion in which thousand was palestinians were killed and hundreds of israeli soldiers died. instead they focused on his leadership qualities, his ability to make tough decisions and biden especially focused on sharon's ability and really capacity to focus on the security of the state of israel. >> like all historic leaders all real leaders he had a north star that guided him. a north star from which he never in my observation never t.v. educated. his snort star was a survival of the state of israel and the jewish peopl
. >> thank you. jon: mortar shells land in israel soon after ariel sharon's burial ceremony. we'll tell you how close the explosives were and what israel did to respond next. plus extreme weather hitting georgia. we have an update on the extent of the damage coming up. jon: u.s. supreme court hearing arguments on the limit of presidential power frm justices deciding whether it was legal for president obama to bypass congress and appoint people to top positions. we're live at the supreme court with more on what's going on here. shannon? >> i just stepped out of arguments and it all boims down to this. there's a provision that provides for recess appointments. the president has the power to make the recession appoint manies when the senate is not in session. it boils down to the three appointments the president made to the national labor relations board just a couple of years ago when the senate said it was still in session. what was happening is someone was gavelling in every three days. they weren't conducting business but staying actively in session. the senate says there was no need for t
first trip to israel since march 2010. biden set to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu during the visit. >>> alex rodriguez's attorneys are expected to fight his 162-game suspension today and file an appeal in federal court. a-rod's accuser and key witness, anthony bosch, speaking out on "60 minutes" sunday, saying he personally injected the third baseman with steroids and said a-rod was obsessed with one thing. >> he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case, sports performance objective. the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> the 800 home run club. >> which was only going to have one member. alex rodriguez. >> a-rod's lawyers released a statement rejecting tony bosch's claims saying alex will continue to fight. >>> now to last night's golden globes awards. co-host tina fey and amy poehler dazzling the room again with their quick wit and zingers. "american hustle" snagging two awards, jennifer lawrence won acting awards and the film itself won best comedy. leonardo dee capp rio won for "wolf on wall street." "12 years a slave" was shut out unti
to compromise for israel's neighbors. >> we'll never know what the element arc of sharon's life had been had he physically be able to pursue his stated goal, but we do know this as prime minister he surprised men. >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu and ally who turned adversary took a moment to restate its agenda. >> we'll act in every way possible to prevent iran of acquiring nuclear weapons. >> reporter: recollection of sharon's human side by comrades in arms. one of them described how the then commando officer rescued him from the certain near death in the battlefield. carrying sharon to his burial place but first stopped where sharon had been severely wounded 65 years ago. eight generals took his body to the gravesite that he now shares with his wife on the family farm that one of the relentless warriors chose for his final resting place. >> five of our colleagues here at al jazeera are still being detained by authorities in egy egypt. producers mohamed fah in, y and bader mohammed, and reporter peter greste are being held in separate cells outside of cairo. >>> the other two jo
're getting an education. thanks to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture but some of the universe is but i didn't have . he says. joe interested in what was coming in so little. we don't work just as fun. with that the trade the series develops its leader but at the university set themselves up in one of the cars and passengers are invited to join for free. i was dead. i guess i still celebrated in einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement. i extend this one had its hebrew university and the creatures intellectual property to the institution. besides the senate race series the unique way to reach out to the and allow them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. in the top of the investigation published book that i give on debate india is expected to visit the wedding she is going on for automobiles. i can teach me. and i watched it all off i met up with the font was thinking that if the setup is called upon to that spot kick by two thou
, thank you. >>> israel will bury former prime minister ariel sharon this morning at his state tunial in jerusalem today. sharon was remembered as a fearless general and bold political leader. vice president joe biden said sharon had an unwavering commitment to israel's security. sharon died saturday after eight years in a coma following a stroke. he was 85 years old. >>> the clock is ticking this morning on a new deal with iran over its nuclear program. the six-month interim agreement starts next monday. iran promises to limit its nuclear effort and dilute its highly enriched uranium. in exchange the united states and other world power also start to loosen economic sanctions. next month negotiators will reportedly start work on a final agreement. it could take effect in june. >>> this morning, "american hustle" is one of the clear front-runners for the oscar race. it won big at last night's golden globe award, as nancy o'dell shows us. the ceremony brought plenty of surprises. >> where's the envelope? >> reporter: the golden globes have been known for the fun and
'll tell you -- coming up. ó@ó >>> today in israel, funeral services for former israeli prime minister, ariel sharon. ♪ >> ariel sharon was buried next to the grave of his wife at his ranch in southern israel. hundreds of world leaders were at the burial and also at a state memorial ceremony earlier in the day in jerusalem. now, vice president joe biden there is representing the united states. he spoke at the memorial ceremony saying he had known ariel sharon for 30 years. >> when a close-knit country like israel, a country that's been tested as much as israel loses a man like prim that dam dam prime minister sharon -- like prime minister sharon, it doesn't feel just like the loss of a leader. it feels like a death in the gael. >> sharon died saturday at the age of 85 after being in a coma for eight years. >>> today in vatican city, pope francis delivered his first state of the world address. he mostly talked about the middle east, calling for an end to the conflict in syria and for the first time publicly he sternly spoke out against abortion. the romeable catholic church has critic
israeli prime minister, aerial sharon, has been laid to rest next to his wife at his launch in israel. dignitaries, including vice president, joe biden, attended it. he remembered sharon as a complex man that cared deeply about israel. he died saturday after spending eight years in a coma. >>> iran, gates, christie versus snooki. let's begin with iran. january 20th, save the date. iran will start eliminating some of its uranium stockpile. there is a push in congress to tighten, not ease sanctions on iran. if that happens, it will kill that diplomatic deal. let's start with john avalon and dale viest and will kane. good morning. >>> if lawmakers vote to tighten sanctions, iran says forget it, forget the deal. why are lawmakers willing to take that chance, will? >> do we take iran at its word. should we? has iran given us any evidence to take them at their word. if they are looking for a reason to back out of the deal and that's what it sounds like, is it going to be the possibility of increased sanctions exist or they don't want to live up to the deal in the first place? what this pote
more information from our crew in israel as world leaders, including vice president joe biden, paying their respects to the former prime minister. a state funeral outside of israel's parliament building in jerusalem honoring him as a quote, statesman and soldier who dedicated his life to the survival of israel. charron's final resting place will be at his family ranch in southern israel. he died on saturday after more than eight years in a coma. he was 85. martha: so the controversial deal on iran's nukes set to take effect one week from today but critics are saying that the white house gave up too much in this deal. and now the senate is pushing for even more sanctions against iran. the white house is pushing back on that. saying, quote, imposing additional sanctions now will only risk derailing our efforts to resolve this issue peacefully. i will veto any legislation enacting new sanctions during the negotiations. those are strong words from president obama on this. wyoming republican senator john barrasso is the cosponsor of this bill and he joins me now. senator, welcome, good to
at the family's desert ranch in southern israel. sharon died saturday after eight years and come up. vice- president joe biden and former british prime minister tony blair are in israel for today's ceremony. >>mark: dennis rodman concludes as late as controversial trip to north korea. rodman arrived in beijing this morning where he was mobbed by the media. and named an emotional state rodman says he did nothing wrong to treat and apologize for not helping korean american kenneth vabae who has been detained in north korea for more than a year. also last week rodman says he was sorry for suggesting that bae was responsible for his own detainment saying he had been drinking before the interview. rabin and other retired players were in north korea to play a game to celebrate the birthday of leader kim jong un. a beautiful sunrise from mount tam cam 3 that the sun about to come up just over the east bay hills. z female announcer: he needs a firmer he needs a firmer tempur-pedic... she wants a softer tempur-pedic... they both get what they need with the new tempur-choice, at sleep train the fir
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among israel has carried me mario service for former prime minister ariel sharon on at the parliament building into islam. prime minister things we need to actually describe this ron as one of israel's latest military commanders foreign dignitaries including us vice president joe biden attended the state ceremony. ariel sharon died at the age of eighty five on saturday after eight years in a coma caused by a stroke. i did after he steps to shore on his body was placed in the pas out in front of the knesset. hundreds of these release lined out to pay their last respects. on sunday evening strong body was carried into parliament and the chili slaw funerals must be carried out as sane as possible. a funeral service will be held at strong range in southern israel following the statement mario. what now for around the state memorial held at the knesset illegal by two of his findings into islam than actually carney an oscillating chilling out by chris pine and stephanie flee if she is standing by at sycamore ranch thank you ladies for joining us. one actually let's begin with the lee is a p
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. toaster strudel! [ female announcer ] try new pillsbury heat-n-go mini pancakes. >>> israel funeral services for former israeli prime minister ariel sharon. hundreds of world leaders were at state memorial for ariel sharon. he died on saturday at the age of 85 after being in a coma for eight years following a stroke. the vice president joe biden is there representing the united states. these are live pictures we are looking at right now. during his eulogy vice president biden said he knew sharon for 30 years and called him a complex man who lived in complex times and in a very complex neighborhood. again, these are live pictures. there is former british leader tony blair right there laying that wreath for ariel sharon. we will keep you posted. >>> foster farms has shut down its chicken processing plant in central california. the agricultural development gave foster farm's permission to open the plant. but yesterday foster farms closed it again saying it is improving safety procedures. foster farms say this voluntary shut down may continue for several days. now tyson foods also recal
was remembered as a fearless warrior and bold leader of israel. he was 85. >> a southwest airlines jet that land at the wrong airport in missouri could take off this morning despite the airport's short runway. the ntsb arriving this morning near branson after the pilot landed at a local county airport rather than the commercial airport seven miles away. this runway is half the length of the commercial airport runway and passengers say the pilot had to break hard to prevent the plane from go over a cliff. >> we landed and we stopped abruptly and no one knew what was going on and they said a couple of minutes later that we had been -- we land at wrong airport the we were lucky considering this was a cliff at the end of the runway. >>> 129 people were on board. southwest brought in crews to take of 9 passengers anding what acknowledge, the second time in less than two months that a large jet landed at the wrong airport. >> con artist movie "american hustle," was a big wish at the golden globe awards last night. we learn about the big winners. >> a big golden globe win for general for lawrence as be
. against israel and taiwan along with south africa became a pariah state. the notion of pariahs or rogues begin tbegan to change at the ef the decade assuming human rights concerns begin to impact foreign policy. in 1979, citing the i mean in uganda, the "washington post" differentiated between rogue regimes and near dictatorships. how does the international community deal with rogue regimes, those that under the color of national sovereignty commit unspeakable crimes against their own citizens, it asks. among diplomats, terrorism became an increasing concern. in 1979, forced by congress, the state department began identifying and labeling state sponsors of terrorism. the islamic revolution in iran underscored the notion that in the middle east at least, all bets were off. the next years were rocky. president reagan, for example, called libyan leader moammar get off the the madman of the middle east and described him as part of a new international version of murder incorporated. and years before george w. bush would describe an axis of evil -- a confederation of terrorist states becaus bu
joe biden and the honorable daniel schapiro, u.s. ambassador to israel. members of numbers -- of commerce on the delegation -- eliot engel, debbie wasserman schultz. -- service has been ongoing time difference. we are getting some other material today and we will show you that in our program schedule. timothy from montgomery, alabama. caller: thank you for taking my call so much. just to let you know, i am in the final year of law school, and this issue is very intriguing to me. i have 2 quick points and then i will leave y'all be. first of all, the level of racism that i personally have experienced with regards to president obama is just astounding. host: what do you mean? caller: growing up in the south, particularly alabama, you learn so much more about civil rights struggle that in other places, i would be willing to that. even here in montgomery, this is the heart of the civil rights movement in many respects, the cradle of the confederacy. and there is lingering hatred that simmers under the surface. people use terminology that overtas hot button or as because it isn'
in southern israel. >>> the first lady of france expected to be released from the hospital later today after being treated for depression. she checked herself in on friday the day that a magazine reported that the president of france was having an affair with a movie star. the couple never married but they've been living together for nine years. >>> a big night for the hottest players in hollywood. the golden globes handed out to the best on the big and small screen. >> leading the pack, "american hustle." it picked up three awards. brandi hitt with more on the night's big wins. >> reporter: good morning, john and marci. "12 years a slave" took home the big award of the night, best motion picture drama. but it was "american hustle" that won the most awards, thanks to its leading ladies. hollywood's golden night kicked off with a big win for jennifer lawrence as best supporting actress in a motion picture. >> "american hustle." >> reporter: "american hustle" won best motion picture comedy or musical. amy adams won best actress for her role in the film. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: best
to the central bank's board of governors. stanley fisher, former head of the bank of israel, has been tapped as vice chair, while former treasury undersecretary lael brainard was chosen to fill an empty seat on the seven-member fed board. jerome powell, who's served on the board since 20-12, will be re- nominated. the tech company that built the troubled website-- is out.. the washington post reports the obama administartion is ending its contract wtih c-g-i federal-- the lead contractor of the federal website. according to the paper-- u.s. health officials are expected to sign a $90 million dollar deal with built californias new online health insurance exchange. the scandal enveloping new jersey governor chris christie could have an economic impact on his state. business insiders have expressed concern that uncertainty and embarassment related to the closing of the george washington bridge in september may have a negative impact at a time when new jersey's economy was showing signs of strength. more millionaires than ever are on capitol hill. more than h
held today for former israel's leader ariel sharon. vice president joe biden is leading the delegation. sharon died saturday. he suffered a strike eight years ago and has been in a coma since. he served as prime minister and defense minister and was one of israel's most famous and controversial generals. ariel sharon was 85 years old. >>> a new jersey lawmaker investigating the george washington bridge traffic jam scandal says a crime was committed. democrat john wisniewski shows e-mail exchanges close to the governor used public resources for political retribution. >> i don't think it's possible for all of those people to be involved and know and for the governor to absolutely have no communication. remember, this was in the midst of his re-election campaign. any governor running for re-election is going to want to know about problems that come up if for no other reason to know how to respond when asked a question. >> four people close to governor chris christie have been fired or resigned. christie said he had no knowledge of the plan. >>> well, coming up on the "morning news," forme
at the family's desert ranch in southern israel. sharon died saturday after eight years in a coma. vice president joe biden and former british prime minister tony blair are in israel for today's ceremony. >> some tense moments in puerto rico's northern coast overnight. a 6 point 4 magnitude earthquake hit just after midnight. it was about 17 miles deep in the ocean. residents in san juan say buildings swayed and that there was some minor damage done. no injuries have been reported. >> a non-function fire safety system could be the reason why the popular tibetan tourist town shangri la was destroyed saturday fire officials say the system costing more than $1 million had been turned off to prevent pipes from bursting during below the town's wooden houses burned quickly because fire trucks were unable to get to the scene through the narrow streets and alleys ways. also investigators are looking into whether the cold lowered water pressure in hydrants. a line >> dennis rodman is apologizing for not helping an american missionary detained in north korea. rodman say he is sorry for not helpin
'm stephanie sy. foreign dignitaries from around the world are in israel today to say farewell to ariel sharon, and the controversial military leader passed away saturday at the age of 85 after 8 years in a coma and honored earlier today in jerusalem during a state ceremony outside the israeli parliament. the memorial was attended by current israeli prime minister netanyahu, a one time foe of sharon and joe biden on hand calling sharon a complex man who put his country first. >> ariel sharon was not only loved by the jewish people and he not only loved them as the jewish people but he loved the land of israel. >> reporter: sharon's body will then begin a procession from jerusalem to his ranch in southern israel and casket accompanied by 8 defense force general and at 7:00 eastern time, under an hour from now sharon will be buried in a military military setting and mourners have gathered for his funeral and nick, good morning. >> good morning stephanie. you can see behind me where sharon will be buried as you said in just about an hour. from that memorial service you heard so much emotion and
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